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Area of Horse

In the western-tournament sport high expectations of the muscle application of the horses are put. We with Ludwig Quarter Horses move forward the NeuroStim® or after the everyday training regularly one and hold thus the achievement of the horses steady. Strain problems appear as so not at all first. By the accumulator company the device is adaptably applicable and also on the tournaments with in the luggage.

Grischa Ludwig
Sylvia Maile from LQH Team

Area of Horse

In my stable is used of the NeuroStim® almost daily. Not only with convalescent to stimulate the selfhealing, but also to loosen, in order the musculature of the riding horses, to support and to solve possible spannings. I have made the experience that the head of the NeuroStim® of device is very pleasant to the horses and itself the round and compact form very well also to the tendons and tapes all around the legs adapts. . . his comfortable accumulator company permits an application also at every place.

Heike Kemmer
Training Olympia winner of Hong Kong

Area of Horse

In cooperation with horse-rehability specialist Thomas Gnadl we accompany our horses in the training as well as on the tournament place always with NeuroStim® – the achieved achievements speak for themselves.

Steffi Paul
S-Class jump-rider

Area of Horse

Horses with joint blockades or muscle pullings – Stephanie Schinkel looks after animals on the gentle tour. With massage and acupuncture the qualified physiotherapist releases them from her sufferings.

Stephanie Schinkel
Horse physiotherapist

Area of Horse

About the company Iwest I came on your matrix treatment. We have a Hanoverian mare at the age of 15 years. This horse was introduced by my daughter successfully in the training sport. Already in 2010 after a tendon injury we have the mare with theirs
NeuroStim ® device successfully treats. Then our daughter started successfully up to the Kl. S.
In summer, 2014 the mare suffered an injury of the deep Beugesehne in a belt accident once more. For now 4 weeks we treat the injury with your device once more.
Already after this time we reached a clear improvement of her state. Unfortunately, treatments on the part of the Vet were not satisfactory, after statement also with little view on improvement.
Meanwhile we also achieve good success with the treatment of our own discomfort.

Rudolph Schnitzer

Area of Human

In March, 2015 physiotherapist DOSB Nadine mallet looked after the alpine ski sportsmen in the 18th winter Deaf-Lympic in Khanty-Mansiysk and Magnitogorsk / RUS. All strains with the bronze medal were recompensed by Philipp Eisenbahn. Ours congratulations in addition.

Nadine Holzhammer

This function has been disabled for NeuroStim® M21 / C21.