NeuroStim® in Human area

Use the NeuroStim® on your own at home or in your practise. Treat pain zones and get back your mobility again. We give you an overview of the professional guilds which use the NeuroStim® successfully. A listing of the examples of use shows the versatility of our device. With questions we are ready for you.


Doctors of different departments specifically use the NeuroStim® to support pain management, for example back strains, recovery in orthopaedics, for example “frozen shoulder” and surgery, for example tendon ruptures. The basis is the activation of the lymph system and modulation of radical bondings to recover structural functions.


Physiotherapists rely on the complementary and deeply effective use of NeuroStim®. Applying the body´s own vibrations between 8 – 32 Hz leads to an optimisation of the transit route of cell messengers and metabolic end-products and so improves the pH-value of the intracellular area. With this optimisation of microcirculation we ensure an essential contingent to the maintenance of the natural body function.

Alternative practitioners

For many years, alternative practitioners work with the NeuroStim® and so can complement their individual treatment on humans as effective and natural alternative with regard to cell biologic regulation with the NeuroStim®.


In the area of sports- and training management the NeuroStim® is used for sports injuries and others. Muscle strains or even torn muscle fibres, injuries on tendons and ligaments can be supportingly treated with the NeuroStim® immediately, so that we can expect a full efficiency. By regular use of the NeuroStim® in training management, micro ruptures are immediately integrated in the metabolic process and bigger injuries are prevented.


Use the NeuroStim® in you private practice. Effectively achieve pure relaxation by the effect of cell biologic regulation with the use of a NeuroStim® massage. Thanks to unique, longitudinal swingings of the actuator, you customer experiences a new wellness adventure on the highest level and a real regeneration.

Private persons

Use the NeuroStim®  at your home. Back pains and other pain zones can be effectively treated on your own. Regain your mobility and profit from a pain-free movement.

Application possibilities of the NeuroStim®

  • Preventive for health promotion and wellness

  • Muscular problems caused by sports injuries

  • Muscular atrophy

  • Tendon- and ribbon injuries

  • Spine mobilisation, discopathy

  • Trigger point therapy

  • Acupressure

  • Bruises

  • Activation of the cytological regulation

  • Vegetative diseases

  • Metabolic proceedings in the whole body

  • Purging

  • Neuralgia

  • Contractures of scars

  • and much more

Why use NeuroStim®?

A human body has about 650 muscles. In addition to big muscles, for example in the area of lower extrimities do extremely small muscles of little centimeters length and between vertebra excist.

As a rule, muscles do not work individually but mostly in a group and they have at least one ore more competitors

One example: as the shoulder moves forward, several necessary muscles have to tense and at the same time the competitors (that move back the limbs) have to relax, otherwise this movement can not be made.

Strained muscles can neither functionally tense nor relax – therefore the movement is restricted.
As the muscles work as a team, restrictions in functionality of a muscle enforcedly lead to consequential damages on other muscles which also can lead up to structural damage to organism.

Skeletal muscles are very supple and can extremely contract. Muscle contractions respond to the pulses of motor nerves.

Muscle tension (contraction) – is a process that has to be evoked by nerves whereas relaxation of muscles has not to be evoked. A natural relaxation is a reaction of muscles to the pulses of nerves which are no longer given.

When a muscle is strained, the muscle fibre remains contracted – no relaxation occurs what finally leads to a camp. The result of which is that pain and bend restrictions are developing from compensation and shortening of spared muscles.

Muscle injuries which often occur during sports are results of excessive strain with disruption of muscle fibrils up to entire fibre. This leads to an immediate muscle cramp and also to inflammatory reactions. During the healing process the body creates new connective tissue that is irregularly and diagonally spreaded in muscle fibre. This type of scar tissue minimizes tensile strength, suppleness and thus unlimited functionality of muscles.

As a consequence of intensive training also so called triggerpoints are activated near the tendon of origin of single muscles. Initially, a triggerpoint is a nerve plexus of a muscle on which a cramp easily occurs. Due to an over-stimulation of nerve endings, motor nerves and also to an excessive creation of lactic acid in muscles a creation of myogelosis arises too. Myogelosis are mainly located in the fleshy part of muscles. Pressure on such a spot leads to sending out of pain signals to other parts of the body what again can result in following tenseness and in the creation of further myogelosis.

The muscle can not escape from this situation by itself.

For all these types of muscle problems a massage technique has been used since centuries. Acupressure, triggerpoint-techniques, stretching-, tapping-, stroking massages and other techniques have been used.

The NeuroStim is an additional massage technique which puts together a range of applications and not only reaches the surface muscle layers.