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  • This book is an introduction to the practise of the biomechanical stimulation

    Optimisation of the person

  • Who wants to remain in everyday life and sport flexibly, vital and painless, something should act for his bandage fabric!

    Faszien fitness

  • This book is the product of an important cooperation between clinicians of manual therapies and scientists in different fields from three kürzlichen international Fascia Research to congresses

    Fascia: The tensional network of the human Body

  • The authors open to the readers the effect of these old minerals with biogenic coinage as a welfare and Antiagingmittel, as active substances which embody pure nature for person and animal as therapeutics and Prophylaktika.

    Natural minerals – regularisation – health

  • ``Der Pischinger`` – Classic for the scientific grounds of the biological medicine

    The system of the basic regularisation

  • A highly topical subject is treated here. Topical knowledge from natural sciences and medicine is connected with historical background, empiric and traditional knowledge to a „new thinking“. This development will decisively change our images and models in many departments, including the practical medicine.

    The matrix draught

  • Known horse physiotherapist Claus Teslau offers here also medically not to experienced readers an overview about the main operational areas, calls possibilities and technologies of treatment.

    Trigger point massage

  • Complementary literature to the use of the Neuromuskulären stimulation in the area of the horse therapy of author Vinja Bauer.

    NeuroStim® use in fascia therapy

  • This is no book for professional riders. Some of it would not understand it also at all. It is also no book for horse dealers. It is a book for all which want to learn to understand your horse better and want to enter a tender friendship with her horse. To create on both sides trust, the only right way is for this.

    Diagnosis: Horse fever!

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