NeuroStim® Coach. The new app.

To be able to work actually with the NeuroStim ® on the horse, the Grundmathoden are given here beside scientific basics (area BASIC) to the practical use of the NeuroStim ® of device. The user receives concrete working instructions to single problem areas of the horse, how injuries in the sport or health restrictions (area of the Therapy) which he can support by means of NeuroStim ® use positively in the recovery process. For the area of application in the training management Trainingwird on the special demand in the single disciplines specifically received. Schedules and use intervals give the necessary assistance (plans of treatment). To the Kompletierung the user can fall back on a big pool in progress reports (area of Horse practise) to use the use spectrum right for itself. The most often put questions to technology and use are answered in the Berich FAQ. As a living application are always extended some area and are complemented with for example new progress reports.

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