Ergonomic actuator

The treatment head, the so-called actuator is formed drop-shaped round (according to the formula of the Greek mathematician Euklid). You can find this form in many organic phenomenons like the nautilus-shell for example and it represents a physiologic form by what we enable a versatile use and avoid irritations by edges.

Powerful battery

With the powerful battery, the NeuroStim® has a performance of 5 hours with 32 hertz performance. Its convenient measures enable the user to take it in a shoulder bag.

We guarantee full felxibility and mobility.

5 hours



80x50x130 mm


Battery measures

12V, 4000 mAh



Easy operating elements

In cooperation with medical centres and therapists we have developed specific treatment programs for indications in practice. To use the NeuroStim® M21, simply select the desired program or a freely adjustable frequency. Freely adjustable frequencies can be exactly adjusted on 1 hertz. You can choose between tonifying, detonifying, metabolism activating, as well as lymph drainage and fascia programs, or you can adjust individual frequencies from 8 to 32 Hz. All operating- and indicating elements are within easy reach.

The programs acquired with doctors and physiotherapists illustrate an orientation for users and do definitely not replace extensive medical anamnesis, as well as treatment on persistent health problems. Overo exclusively offers the NeuroStim® as a wellness product and does not assume liability for therapeutic use.

Now available in 3 colours

Net version C21 on inquiry available

NeuroStim® M21 set


3.111,11 €

/ piece


NeuroStim® M21 device

Accumulator incl. shoulder bag

Battery charger incl. net cable

Suitcase for safekeeping

Save your therapist’s discount

available in different colours

Technical data

Operating voltage accumulator version (M21): 12 V, 4000 mAh (Efficiency corresponds to approx. 5h with full achievement of 32 hertz)
Operating voltage net version (C21): 100-240 V
Frequency spectrum: digitally adjustable between 8-32 hertz
Dimensions: Hand piece 52x300 mm / accumulator 80x50x130 mm
Norm: after IEC 601-1 / no medicine product
Guarantee: 2 years with private use / 1 year with commercial use

Tip: We expressly point out to the fact that it concerns no medicine product!
Due to the regulations of the law for medical device, the law on advertising in the health care system and the competition law we fulfill our obligation to point out that the efficacy of neuromuscular stimulation and vibratory treatment is not completely and generally recognized. All information on this website which refer to possible effects on body and application therefore partly correspond to the mainly state of scientific knowledge. In fact the results refer to empiric experiences which could be made during the last years in treatment and use as well as studies which prove these experiences.