Sport news with Elke Phillip

I was able to do the title of the German master craftswoman in degrees 1 and 2 to 5. Times in succession with Regaliz defend. Regaliz protected 1 place with 75. 30% of team Test to themselves on 3 days, 76. 07% Championatsaufgabe and in the Freestyle with the 75,950th prince Sinclair starts on the 1st day with 70. 77% booked the 3rd place. On the 2nd day we had reached the double point. He had pushed himself with 72. 38% on the 2nd place and with the Freestyle we increased with 74% and achieved the 3rd place. It was a successful German mastery again. Many thanks in Gestüt Bonhomme and Mrs. Rebecca Gutmann

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