in horse area

NeuoStim für Pferde
Cellbiological regulation for your horse.
NeuroStim® for therapy support and wellness treatment.

in Small animal area

NeuroStim für Kleintiere
For your four-legged-animals wellness and therapy support in one device.
NeuroStim® is versatile.

intensive seminar

Neurostim Seminar
background to the neuromuscular stimulation, use of the device NeuroStim®





Our device has an ergonomic form and a powerful battery. You only need the handpiece and the portable battery which enables really mobile working. Of course we also have a stationary solution for you!

Easy handling

The handling is intuitively but easily solved. You can easily change between pre-set programs during a treatment and so enable an easy practice orientation. Indicating- and control elements are placed in the handpiece.

Large range of application

The NeuroStim® is used in the veterinary practice, rehabilitation centers and clinics, animal therapists and naturopaths, as well as in sports and training management and in the private sector. For private individuals or professionals in the veterinary field, there is a suitable application.

Wide user network

Become a part of our community! Attend our intensive-seminars, work with our app and exchange views with colleagues in social media. We support you under development of your practice, prepare individual treatment plans and we are on hand with help and advice for you!
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Perfect Synergy

Check your application approaches with our coach app directly on site and feel safe during your treatment. ..more

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Neurostim am Hund
NeuroStim Anwendung am Pferd


Equiwent help

Equiwent Hilfe “Do not drivel, but make!” We support Equiwent inc. Since 2013 we support Equiwent inc. financially and make a donation to the help on site. The organisation around Marcus Raabe

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What does neuromuscular stimulation mean?

You have questions?
We have the answers. Find out how the neuromuscular stimulation with the NeuroStim® works. Our education movie informs you in the area of the NeuroStim® therapy concept.

Become a NeuroStim® partner

Our partners profit from our exclusive Overo PayBack programme and get separate conditions. We support you in the construction of your practice activity and make our NeuroStim® App available to you with basic treatment programs. We are there for you.


Consider case studies

You are interested in the effect in practice?

You can find different examples for use in sport-, training-, and health management, as well as therapy supporting measures here.


Customer reviews

Our customers and patients inform us which experiences they might experience with our NeuroStim® M21. Get a short impression of our positive reviews.



Learn how to effectively use the NeuroStim®. We train you about the functionality and give you valuable tips. On the basis of practical exercises we intensify the theory together.

User panel

You can find our user panel on Facebook. Exchange is an important aspect which we follow steadily. To us it is important to ask, to accept improvements and to transmit news.

Convince yourselves of our customers. Read their reports on the NeuroStim®.

Read our customer reviews

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