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Please use our service form and describe your probelm in detail. We will contact you as soon as possible. Please find below a first support at problems in our „question and answers“ area (FAQ)

With questions to the use or technical Support you turn to our office, you contact us by e-mail or by telephone


Hauptstraße 8
87675 Stötten


Opening hours:

Mon – Fri: 08:00 – 12:00 am

Appointments after arrangement


Telephone: +49 / 8349 / 976098



If necessary, please send in the device in the original packaging always!
Please, these also keep for later.

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Manufacturer advices

Guarantee clauses

The guarantee on entire function and use ability of the device amounts 2 years (by commercial application 1 year) beginning with the day of the delivery and corresponds to the legal regulations.
Impossibly of it is the wear-conditioned exchange of the accumulator. This exchange is defeated by a limited guarantee time of 6 months of the guarantee achievement. With improper use, opening the device by another company than Overo and effect of power, to damages to the device lead a repair is always liable for costs.


Attention! Supervision of push damages are indicated by shock watch!


Always send device in original packaging, otherwise the guarantee claim goes out!

Repair and service

The device needs no servicing with regulation-appropriate and material-appropriate use. Should there still be problems, please contact our customer service. Our Terms and Conditions remain valid.

Always send device completely (incl. battery charger, etc. ) in original packaging , otherwise the guarantee claim goes out!


No announcement in the display / impulse does not run

Check main switch position, press P key.


Check Cable connections. Plug connector in the battery unit gets rid. Device was stored at too low temperatures (e.g. , at deficit degrees in the car). Temper device before use.

Damages on case or cable joints

Immediately put device out of operation and send it to customer service

Liquid overflows in the case or the accumulator

Immediately put the main switch on “OFF”! Let the device dry and contact the customer service

Operating elements do not react

1. Examine cable connections


2. Switch off device with the main switch, wait approx. 1 min. , then switch on the device once more with the main switch.

Display shows “E-”

1. Switch off the device with the main switch, wait approx. 1 min. , then switch on again with the main switch.


2. Should mistake continue, please contact the customer service

Raised noise issues during the handling

Caused by strong application, the noise issue of the hand piece can increase in the course of time. Nevertheless, this does not affect the function of the device.

Accumulator lifespan

At appropriate use (regular charging and unload by use) the accumulator can be pursued up to 4 years. Afterwards, we recommend an exchange.

This function has been disabled for NeuroStim® M21 / C21.